STC Welcomes Molly Jin, New Director of Meetings and Education

STC welcomes Molly Jin to the fold as the Society’s new director of meetings and education. Molly will head STC’s impressive array of online education as well as the Technical Communication Summit.

“My goal for the education and meetings department is to build upon the foundation the Society has set by developing and offering innovative learning opportunities,” said Molly, “and to establish STC as the premiere continuing education destination for the profession.”

Molly has a background in association management working in industries ranging from commercial audiovisual to death care and memorialization. She is passionate about serving the members of her association and has lots of experience developing a variety of educational offerings across many platforms.

“I am really excited to have Molly come on board as our new director of education and meetings,” said STC CEO Chris Lyons. “She has great experience in developing and delivering educational programs in the nonprofit world. I’ve been impressed already with her willingness to jump in and drive our education events as well as contribute good ideas to our conference planning and overall marketing efforts. It’s a big job to take on but I am confident we have the right person in Molly.”

Outside of work, Molly lives in historic Leesburg, VA, with her husband, step-daughter, and new puppy, Huckleberry Jin. When not scheduling sleepovers, puppy play dates, and swimming lessons, you can probably find her exploring the beautiful Virginia countryside she calls home, visiting a museum, or golfing with her husband. She also gets a little nuts during March Madness and says, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!”

Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger Moving to Another Neighborhood

Or, to use another pop culture reference, “Now’s the time to say goodbye to friends and family.” Sadly, Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger has turned in his notice to STC; my last day is Friday, 11 July.

A former coworker (with another company) contacted me shortly before the Summit and said there was an opening at her organization that she thought I’d be perfect for. A few interviews later, I received a job offer that was impossible to turn down. It’s an exciting opportunity for me and my family and one I look forward to starting.

While looking forward, however, I also look back with pride at my work with STC. Over the nearly five years I’ve worked at STC I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with dozens and dozens of members on the Board, committees, communities, and just one on one. And I hope I’ve left everyone with whom I’ve worked a positive impression of both myself and of STC. I’m especially proud of helping Liz Pohland continue to increase the quality of Intercom and of the great, great group of guest bloggers that have come to call STC’s Notebook home.

The search for my replacement is underway and an announcement about a new blogmaster will be made when the new person is in place. If you treat the new employee as well as I’ve been treated throughout the years, he or she will enjoy working at STC as much as I did.

I wish the organization, the members, and the great staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with, all the success in the world. I think exciting things are in line for STC and I can’t wait to see exactly what they are. Because—to make one final pop culture reference—soon enough I’ll be able to say “I’m not only a former staffer … but I’m also a member.” See you around!

Farewell to Lloyd Tucker, Director of Meetings and Education

Lloyd Tucker, STC’s director of meetings and education, will be leaving STC and entering the wild and wonderful world of retirement; his last day is Friday, 27 June.

Lloyd joined STC seven and a half years ago and has built up the education and elearning areas into a source of pride for the Society. He has overseen the birth and maturity of our online education, introducing STC members to live Web seminars, virtual conferences, online courses, Summit@aClick, free archived seminars, and the latest entry, the Virtual Track at the Summit.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity and free hand given me to develop a first-rate education department, and in particular the elearning program,” said Lloyd. “The Society’s elearning program is unparalleled for an association the size of STC and stands tall even compared to larger organizations and I am very proud of that. I appreciate your support and tolerance of an elearning program that has always been ‘in perpetual beta’ but improved and grew as we went in new directions and tried new things. I am particularly proud of the successful Virtual Track we just offered at the Summit in Phoenix.”

As the longest-tenured employee at STC, Lloyd has contributed to the success of many programs and provided support in multiple areas.

“Lloyd has given an enormous amount of time, skill, and wisdom to the continued vitality of STC,” commented CEO Chris Lyons. “He is a sounding board and keeper of past knowledge for many decisions made here. He is the driver of our popular Summit and STC’s standing as one of the most innovative education leaders in associations of our size. Many of our members don’t realize that Lloyd is also well known in the association world for the education program he’s developed. Irreverent and able to take it as well as dish it out, Lloyd has been fun to work with. The entire staff will certainly miss him and we wish him every success in his next endeavor—and some well-deserved time off.”

Lloyd may be retiring, but he’s not hitting the shuffleboard courts and beaches full-time quite yet. “You will probably see me around LinkedIn,” he says, “as I am going to be starting a third career as an elearning consultant in the association world. Thanks again to you all.”

All of us at STC wish Lloyd well in his retirement.

STC Announces the Departure of Greg Larsen

STC bids farewell to Director of Finance & Administration Greg Larsen, who is moving on to another association in the DC metro area. Greg’s last day at STC will be Friday, 4 April.

Greg Larsen started at STC on 12 January 2011 and has been a helpful presence to the Board, staff, and community leaders since then. “We appreciate Greg’s commitment and service to the Society for the past three years,” said STC CEO Chris Lyons, “and we thank him for all his hard work on our finances and budgets. We wish him well in his new position.”

“I want to thank everyone for being patient with me over the last three years,” said Greg. “Situations and people change and we shouldn’t forget our experiences. They are what make us rich in character. Until we meet again!”

Thank you to Greg for three-plus years of service to the Society, and best of luck in your new position!

From the Executive Director: Looking Ahead

STC Executive Director Chris Lyons joined the organization at the 2013 Summit. Now that he’s had some time to get acclimated, he’ll be blogging periodically about what’s going on with STC. Below is his debut blog post.

In my first blog post for STC’s Notebook, I’d like to start by thanking the STC membership, Board of Directors and volunteers, and staff for welcoming me as STC’s executive director last year. As the New Year begins, I think it’s a good time to highlight some of the great things that are happening at STC and why 2014 is shaping up to be a remarkable year for the association. A more detailed accounting of STC’s programs and operations will be available in the next month or two when we publish an annual report.

The Society for Technical Communication has historically focused on providing continuing education, enabling networking, and defining the profession of technical communication for our members. In 2014 we will shift our focus from defining the profession to emphasize the core skills of a competent technical communicator. Many of these skills overlap other professions and many of our members expand their skill sets over their careers to become excellent editors, managers, professors, product experts, etc.

We will continue to focus on keeping core skills fresh, new techniques, and training on common tools. In 2014 we will expand our partnerships with related associations, giving our members access to additional education and joint events that are relevant to their changing careers. Our members are able to take advantage of this broader set of learning and information because of the foundational value of technical communication skills. Technical communicators bring ways of thinking and work habits that are valuable to employers in all industries, and their core skills provide broad career opportunities.

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