70.1 February 2023

On the Cover

Artist’s Note

My illustration shows a widescreen monitor with open windows of text/code and a line graph covering the entire screen. This represents the current state of working with data experienced daily by most technical communicators and other employees. Behind the monitor is a holographic bar chart rising above the monitor’s height. This is to depict the background research and developments in the space of interactive media, for example in AR and VR, and its impact on how data will be visualized in the future. Although it is not widely used currently, it is slowly coming from behind the scenes into the limelight. I show this by using brighter neon colors to represent the bars in the graph. There will be a point in time when both ways of working and representing data will be used simultaneously. It is possible that in the distant future when there will be no need for large monitor screens.

My name is Asebi Bofah. I am a recent MSc graduate in technical communications from Missouri S&T with a BSc. in minerals engineering from Ghana. I recently accepted a role as a communications coordinator at the Rio Tinto Kennecott mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. I look forward to utilizing my mining background and the skills I garnered in graduate school to support the development and execution of internal communication at the mine.