65.1, February 2018

On the Cover

For my design submission on changing standards in grammar and punctuation, I crafted a flat map landscape using simple shapes. I then created four icons to represent different eras of written communication and punctuation: the written word represented by parchment and quill, a wooden typeset as representative of our transition to print, a typewriter, and finally a computer. Each icon was placed at a different point on the map, with the road continuing off-screen to represent the changes and innovations yet to come. The visual hierarchy is complemented and guided by the road, drawing the audience along the progression of communication.

About the Artist

Stacha Yundt is a graduate student in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences with the University of Cincinnati. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Professional Writing. The degree blends writing with design, and Stacha’s focus is on marketing and promotional content. When she isn’t working, Stacha enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors. She can be reached at hofsm@mail.uc.edu.