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Weekly Content Types

Each week, Roundtable curators will provide resources, webinars, and conversations around a popular techcomm topic. For example, a month of content may look like the following:

Week 1: Webinar. A formal webinar led by the monthly curator or a selected expert. Content may consist of a presentation, exploration of a specific scenario, and/or exploration of additional curated resources.

Week 2: Practical application. A description of how to implement the information learned in the webinar or community conversations. This could take the form of an interview, a blog post, an article, or a case study.

Week 3: Live Q&A. A live discussion on the monthly topic with selected experts and moderated by the monthly curator.

Week 4: Bonus content. Additional relevant content from the monthly experts, like a white paper, a research report, or a business tool.

March 2019 | The Future of Tech Comm

Join our community for the top technical communication content every month.

Upcoming STC Roundtable Topics

March 2019: The Future of Technical Communication (curated by Scott Abel)

April 2019: Content Strategy and Experience (curated by Rahel Bailie)

May 2019: Professional Development

June 2019: Measuring the Value of Content

July 2019: Content Design and Development for Machine Delivery

August 2019: Leadership and Teams

Sept 2019: The Relationship Between Content and Design


The Society for Technical Communication is a professional association dedicated to the advancement of technical communication. Technical communicators research and create information about technical processes or products directed to a targeted audience through various forms of media.

For example, STC members communicate about technical or specialized topics, such as computer applications, medical procedures, or environmental regulations. They communicate by using technology, such as Web pages, help files, or social media sites. And they provide instructions for products and services.

STC advances the theory and practice of technical communication across all user abilities and media so that both businesses and customers benefit from safe, appropriate, and effective use of products, information, and services. Technical communication is an essential part of every organization’s competitive strategy.