Values & Behaviors

STC and its members define a number of values and behaviors as pivotal to effective execution of the technical communication profession.


Our values describe our character as an organization—they form the foundation on which the strategic plan is built.


We cultivate and embrace new ideas, and we take the initiative. We are willing to take reasonable risks.


We deal openly, honestly, and directly with customers, with business partners, and with each other. We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, as reflected in our Ethical Principles.


We define and adhere to the best techniques, knowledge, and practices of the technical communication profession. We are the face of the profession to the world.


We foster a culture of respect, where all are encouraged to share and nurture ideas as we work together to advance the profession.


We are passionate about the technical communication profession and dedicated to our mission of advancing it.


The list of behaviors is a direct outgrowth of our values. It describes how we interact both internally—with members, leaders, and office staff—and externally—with employers, other professional organizations, governmental entities, and the general public.


We are open, honest, and direct in all our dealings. We act in ways that are visible, predictable, and understandable. We take responsibility for our actions.

Open Communication

We communicate in a timely, effective, and appropriate way. We openly share information and actively seek the opinions of members, partners, industry, the academic community, and others toward the betterment of our members, the Society and the technical communication profession.


We are a global organization committed to providing meaningful and relevant services to members, communities, partners, industry, and the academic community, throughout the world.


We have a clear vision of how our society and our profession can move forward, and we help others to understand and work toward our vision. We cultivate and value leadership within our society.