Continuing Education Requirements – Certified Professional Technical Communicator

Continuing Education Requirements – Foundation and Practioner Level

Continuing education units (CEUs) for CPTC Certification are point based. All certificants need to achieve 12 points over a two-year period from the date of certification to remain current. At the end of the two-year period, point accumulation begins again.

If certificants fail to achieve 12 points in two years, the certification will be considered lapsed until CEUs are achieved. Certificants who fail to maintain their CEUs after 2 years forfeit their credential; the certification is considered invalid. For Foundation and Practitioner certificants, the exam must be re-taken. There is no restriction on the number of times you may take the exam. Please note that the full examination fee will be payable each time.

There is no annual maintenance fee for certification. All CEU information should be collected by the certificant and emailed to STC at

Continuing Education Points may be obtained the following ways:

Educational Event Points
STC Annual Membership 2
STC Recorded Webinar (self-study; free recordings excluded) 1
STC Live Educational Webinar (free, sponsored, and community webinars excluded) 2
STC Online Courses 6
STC Annual Technical Communication Summit 8
STC Summit Pre-Conference Courses (full day) 6
STC Summit Pre-Conference Courses (half day) 3
STC Online Seminars 4
Begin and complete a college accredited course related to the Technical Communication field* 8 points per 3 college credit course
(*to be adjudicated by the Certification committee once a transcript is sent in)

Published articles that relate to any aspect of Technical Communication (2 CEUs per article)

Contributions to journals, magazines, or newsletters for a professional organization or association (e.g., the STC journal Technical Communication, Intercom magazine, and STC chapter newsletters). Provide a soft copy and/or a link to the published article and where and when it was published.

Published books that are publicly available on topics related to Technical Communication (5 CEUs per book)

Published books that are publicly available on topics related to Technical Communication. Provide a soft copy and/or a link to the book, details of the book (ISBN, title, publisher, and publication date).

Presentations related to any aspect of Technical Communication at conferences (2 CEUs per presentation)

Presentation at a professional organization or commercial company or nonprofit organization conference, symposia, seminar, meeting, lecture, or workshop. Provide a soft copy and/or a link to the presentation and state where and when it was presented.

All CEU information should be collected by the certificant and emailed to STC at

Please refer back to this Web page. More information on the test process, registration, and continuing education requirements will be posted. STC appreciates your understanding and continued support as we work to improve this important program.

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