STC Committees are formed to address specific issues that are important to members of the Society.

Audit Committee


Meet with external auditors and communicate findings and recommendations to the board.

Body of Knowledge Committee


To develop and maintain a single repository of all that is technical communication, which is the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBoK).

Community Affairs Committee (CAC)


Establish two-way communication and co-operation between community leaders and BOD/staff through the CAC conduit.

Conference Committee


Plan and oversee the education program for the annual STC Summit.

Education Advisory Panel


This ad hoc committee convenes as necessary to discuss “blue sky”  initiatives and strategic planning for future STC education programs and events.

Finance and Investment


Ensure that STC finances are managed in a legal and fiscally responsible manner.

Intercom (Editorial Advisory Panel)


Identify content that informs readers of trends and best practices in technical communication.

Nominating Committee


Ensure the STC annual election is conducted in a secure and ethical manner, on schedule, and with appropriate candidates.

To encourage excellence in the practice of technical communication and in service to STC.

STC International Summit Awards Committee (Competitions)


Define standards of professional technical communication deliverables and recognize achievement against those standards.

Scholarship Committee


TechComm (Editorial Advisory Board)


Identify areas of research that are most likely to inform best practices in the field of technical communication.

The Scholarship Committee recommends to the Board policies and procedures for awarding Society-level scholarships and grants, provides oversight and recommendations for geographic community scholarships and grants, reviews applications for scholarships and grants, and recommends recipients to the Board.

Sigma Tau Chi and Alpha Sigma Honor Societies

Any student member of STC may apply for membership in STX or AS if they meet all of the criteria as of 1 November. The committee chair establishes a schedule for the receipt of applications, the evaluation of candidates, and the recommendation of nominees at the winter board meeting.

Intercom (Awards)

The editor selects the judges and submits their names and the winners to the board for approval. Currently the judges are the same members as the EAP for Intercom.

Community Achievement and Pacesetter Awards Committee

STC’s Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives. The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals through a wide range of programs and activities.

Distinguished Community Service Awards Committee

The Distinguished Community Service Awards recognize the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. The three awards—the Distinguished Chapter Service Award, Distinguished SIG Service Award, and Distinguished Service Award for Students—recognize an individual’s exemplary effort, energy, and dedication to their community and its activities.

Associate Fellows Committee

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The Associate Fellows Committee formally recognizes Senior STC Members for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication.

Fellows Committee

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The rank of Fellow is the highest honor an STC member can receive.  This honor is bestowed upon Associate Fellows who have continued to make exemplary contributions to the arts and science  of technical communication and to the advancement of the profession.

Honorary Fellows Committee

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The rank of Honorary Fellow is conferred upon a person who is not a member of the Society but who (1) has achieved eminence in the field of technical communication or (2) has performed a significant service for the Society.

Jay R. Gould Award Recognition Committee


The goal of the committee is to honor true academic mentorship; a record of successful students, defined as those who are involved in STC, and actively working in the profession; involvement in student activities outside of the classroom; innovation and creativity in teaching, and involvement in research that leads to changes in the way technical communication is taught.

Ken Rainey Award Recognition Committee

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The Ken Rainey Award honors research that has made positive, significant contributions to technical communication practice and teaching. It rewards a lifetime of quality research in the field, a single high-quality empirical study, or a set of related high-quality studies.

Frank R. Smith Award Recognition Committee


The Frank R. Smith outstanding journal article award recognizes the authors of exceptional articles that appeared in Technical Communicationduring a calendar year. Since 1966, STC has paid tribute to the authors whose contributions have made Technical Communication one of the most highly respected journals devoted to the arts and sciences of technical communication.

Certification Committee

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The STC Certification program is a three-tiered professional certification:
Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert.