Website Review Committee


  • Guiseppe Getto


  • Dr. Laura Palmer
  • Dr. Suzan Flanagan
  • Dr. Jack Labriola
  • Lauren Milner
  • Malinda Dietrich

Board Liaison

  • Timothy Esposito

Staff Liaison

  • Tim Shaw
  • Erin Gallalee


  • The goal of the task force is to address short and long term maintenance issues and to address member experience issues. The task force will make recommendations and take action to better organize how the site appears both on the surface and behind the scenes.
    In addition, the task force will examine options to reduce the amount of manual work required to manage e-commerce with the goal to automate as much as possible and reduce the costs associated with e-commerce products available on the STC website.


  • Review and the associated sites, including Round Table, Notebook, Intercom, and Tech Comm.
  • Work with students to to assist in the review and give outsider opinions.
  • Create user personas to simulate who would use the sites and for what purpose.
  • Assess which technologies are being used for the site.
  • Examine the information architecture for the site and make recommendations on streamlining it, simplifying it, and removing redundancies.
  • Make recommendations to STC on how to update the site.
  • Assist in implementing approved recommendations to improve the sites.

Criteria for Success

A set of websites with a uniform look and feel appropriate to the STC brand. The sites must be navigable across platforms, and the content must be easy to follow and maintain for all site users.