Arizona State offers several options for studying Technical Communication, including a BS and an MS. In the BS program, students learn how to design, produce, and manage information using traditional and developing technologies. Students can complete the BS in one of two ways: via face-to-face and online courses offered through the Polytechnic campus, or fully online through ASUOnline. The MS curriculum balances theory and practice to ensure students develop the analytical abilities, technology expertise, and hands-on skills necessary for success as a technical communicator. The program prepares students for technical communication positions in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors and will offer professionals the opportunity to further advance their careers. The MS is offered through the Polytechnic campus via face-to-face and online courses.

In the BS in Technical Communication degree program, delivered fully online, students learn how to produce, design and manage information, using technologies both traditional and developing. Software and electronics companies, media corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, non and for-profit organizations are some areas that employ technical communicators. The curriculum brings together information, writing, multimedia, and communications technology to prepare students for careers as technical writer/editors, publication managers, information designers, instructional and training developers, and more.

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