Students who earn the Certificate in Technical Communication will have the core knowledge, skills, and professional practices necessary for entry-level technical communicators. They will possess the ability to gather and transform technical knowledge for a variety of audiences. They will design, develop, and edit effective, usable publications using rhetorical principles and current technology.


Technical or Scientific Specialty: 6 credits

Students will complete six hours of technical or scientific courses, including CIT 10600 Using a Personal Computer or 11200 Information Technology Fundamentals or an equivalent introductory computer course.

Required Courses: 13 credits
Students will select one course in each of these five areas.

    Introduction to technical communication (choose one) — 3 credits

  • TCM 23000 Principles and Practices of Technical Communication
  • TCM 22000 Technical Report Writing
  • TCM 32000 Written Communication in Science and Industry
  • TCM 38000 Technical Communication in the Healthcare Professions (online only)
    Visual Technical Communication — 3 credits

  • TCM 35000 Visual Elements of Technical Documents
    Editing (choose one) — 3 credits

  • TCM 31000 Technical and Scientific Editing
  • Eng-W 365 Theory and Practice of Editing
    Advanced Applications of Technical Communication (choose one) — 3 credits

  • TCM 42500 Managing Document Quality
  • TCM 45000 Research Approaches for Technical & Professional Communication
  • TCM 42000 Field Experience
  • TCM 39500 Independent Study
  • Eng-W 315 Writing for the Web (online only)
    Career Development (choose one) — 1 credit

  • TCM 25000 Career Planning in Engineering and Technology
  • TCM 43500 Portfolio Preparation

Professional Preparation

Near the end of their coursework, in TCM 43500, students will complete a professional portfolio, suitable for job hunting, which includes three to five documents of various types that demonstrate a range of skills and competencies. Practicing technical communicators will review the portfolio and provide responses.

As an alternative, students may take TCM 25000 Internship and Career Planning, a course that prepares them for professional employment.

Other Information

TCM Certificate Web Site

Any student formally admitted to IUPUI may be a candidate for the certificate.

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses that count toward the certificate.

Courses taken at other universities may be recognized as the equivalent of the required courses and can substitute for 50% of the IUPUI courses

The TCM Certificate Coordinator will approve the student's selection of courses and/or appropriate substitutions.

Many of the courses listed above are provided online.  For specific offerings, check the IUPUI Schedule of Courses.


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