What Prospective Board Members Need to Know

Board Membership. All individuals elected to the position of Director serve on the STC Board of Directors for a two-year term (with the possibility of running for and being elected to a second consecutive two-year term). Board members are required to attend all Board meetings unless excused by the President for an emergency situation or illness.

  • In-person meetings: The Board meets in person once a year during the annual conference, and may meet at one other time during the Board year.
  • Monthly meetings: The Board also holds monthly meetings by conference call.

Executive Committee. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary serve as the Board’s officers, constituting the Executive Committee. When the Board is not in session, and a situation arises in which the full Board cannot be present, the Committee acts for the Board. All officers must be easily accessible and knowledgeable about the broad spectrum of the Society’s business.

Employer Support. All candidates need reasonable freedom of action at their jobs so, if necessary, they can handle Society business at the workplace. Candidates should expect to spend a minimum of 12-15 hours per month on STC business (more for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary), yet much of it can be done from home. They also may need employer support or personal funds to cover some of their administrative and travel expenses.

Eligibility and Membership Requirements. The STC Board of Directors depends on experienced business, academic, and Society leaders. All candidates must be STC members in good standing for at least three years at time of consideration for candidacy, have experience working at a strategic level; be comfortable making decisions collaboratively, and be focused on outcomes. They should have Society-level leadership experience, as well as professional skills in managing people, projects, and budgets. Being an STC Board member is a chance to leverage these skills, to learn how to lead a nonprofit organization, and to ensure that the Society continues providing members with a high level of opportunities and services.

Nominating Committee Membership. All individuals elected to the position of Nominating Committee member serve for a single two-year term. Members are required to attend all scheduled meetings, which generally are hosting virtually by conference call or a virtual meeting platform.

Eligibility. All candidates for the Nominating Committee must be an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or a regular or senior member who has been a member of the Society for one full calendar year prior to being elected.

Travel and Expense Reimbursements. Directors and Nominating Committee members may receive a discount, stipend, or reimbursement to help offset some of the expenses associated with attending face-to-face meetings. In most cases this will not cover all travel and associated expenses. The Board establishes the amount each year during the budget review process. In past years, extra consideration was given to Directors and Nominating Committee members based outside of North America.

In addition, you should be aware that STC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, and charitable organization. Therefore, for residents of the United States, the portion of your expenses not reimbursed (other than personal services) that is more than the value of the benefit you receive may be deducted as a charitable contribution on your federal income tax return. Your personal financial advisor or tax preparer can provide details.

Additional Resources. If you have questions about potential service as a Director or Nominating Committee member, current and past members are willing to share their experiences. You may contact members of the current Board for more information by looking them up on the STC website.

Questions. For additional questions about the election process, or if you’d like to nominate yourself or another member, please contact the Nominating Committee Chair.