2022 STC Election Candidates

The 2021-2022 STC Nominating Committee is pleased to introduce you to the final slate of candidates for the 2022 STC election. Please review the position statements and biographical information below for each candidate.


  • President – automatically succeeds from the office of Vice President
  • Vice President – 1 candidate for 1 position; three-year commitment
  • Secretary – 2 candidates for 1 position; two-year term
  • Director – 2 candidates for 2 positions; two-year term
  • Nominating Committee – 3 candidates for 2 positions; two-year term

Board of Directors Candidates

Aiessa Moyna








Aiessa Moyna will automatically succeed from the office of Vice President.

Aiessa Moyna is a veteran technical communicator with experience in corporate, nonprofit, and government settings. She currently serves as a communications vice president at American Express, providing consultation and support for the CIO and Technology organization. She began her career as a technical writer and editor, and she has held roles in corporate communications, public affairs, and media relations.

Aiessa holds a B.S. in technical communication from New Mexico Tech and an M.A. in communication studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a member of STC’s Sigma Tau Chi honor society. An STC Fellow, she has served as an officer and council member for multiple communities, and in elected and appointed leadership positions at the Society level. She is a former Society treasurer, co-chair of the Summit Conference Committee, member of the STC Associate Fellows Committee, judge for the STC Alliance regional competitions, and manager of the STC New York Metro Chapter’s Elections Committee.

Timothy Esposito







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Hello STC! My name is Tim Esposito and I’m both excited and humbled to run for vice president. My life has been filled with service to others, ranging from the Boy Scouts long ago, to serving on the STC Board of Directors today. Being a member of STC has enriched my personal and professional life, and I would like to return the favor and help the society succeed. The leadership experiences I’ve had at the STC chapter level, on the STC Board of Directors, and chairing various STC committees has given me a unique insight into the operations of this organization. My goal is to help the Society by reviewing and improving existing processes to enable the organization to flourish and meet the needs of its members, while attracting new members as well.

One thing I’ve learned is that the more involved you are with an organization, the more both you and your fellow members will benefit. Everyone has something to contribute, whether they realize it or not. Be confident in your skills, teach them to others, and then learn new skills from those you’ve taught. The STC provides opportunities for its members to do just that, and then grow their careers, networks, and skill sets. This election represents an opportunity for all candidates to step forward, lead, and learn. I hope to continue my STC journey by becoming the vice president so we can work together to build a lasting Society.

Where do I see STC going in the upcoming years? Onward and upward! While this pandemic may have limited face-to-face interactions, virtual activity has soared. I would love for chapters to become more engaged at a regional level, rather than a local level, much like the special interest groups (SIGs). The SIGs should continue to grow in their virtual spaces, like our Slack workspace. A lot of this technology is relatively new to people, and the Society must learn how to adapt new social patterns, make it the new normal, and be a leader in integrating that content into everyday life. The STC is already the go-to place for industry knowledge; let’s make it so all members participate in the Society and share in that knowledge base. I believe by improving our digital presence, making our content more accessible, and our social media more interactive, the Society will benefit. We are the Society for Technical Communication; let’s build our communities, play to our strengths, and communicate.


About the Candidate:

Timothy Esposito is the Manager of Logistics Documentation at Oracle Corporation where he supervises an international team of technical writers. An STC member since 2005, Timothy serves on the Board of Directors as the Secretary. STC honors and awards include Society Fellow, the STC President’s Award, Distinguished Chapter Service Award for the Philadelphia Metro Chapter (PMC), and the Chicago Chapter’s President’s Award. During his term as PMC president, the chapter won a Pacesetter award, the platinum level Community Achievement Award twice, and was named Community of the Year for 2017.  When not working on STC projects, Tim volunteers with his township historical commission where he creates a monthly email newsletter and curates a museum. Tim also spends time with his family, rescues greyhounds, and tries out new board and card games with friends. (www.linkedin.com/in/timothyesposito/)





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I’m Li-At Rathbun and I’m running for STC Secretary.

I began volunteering with STC on the first night I attended a community meeting, in 2000, and I’ve continuously served in STC leadership positions since. I’ve:

  • Held all positions on community councils (and sometimes several at once)
  • Served in regional initiatives (SoCal Spotlight Publications Competition)
  • Participated in STC-wide endeavors (like the CAC Outreach Team, as a Summit Track Manager, and on the STC Nominating Committee)

Outside of STC, I spent several years on the Board of Directors for TC Camp—where I helped create, organize, and execute one-day “unconferences” in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC. I also helped organize and execute full-day API workshops, and networking dinners.

Back to STC: For years, I’ve been the Santa Barbara Chapter president, plus simultaneously the (co-)manager of the Technical Editing SIG. Oh, and I also added a second and prolonged stint as Los Angeles Chapter president around 2019.

As I write this in January 2022, I’m thrilled to report that I’m now “manager emeritus” of the Technical Editing SIG—an honorific bestowed by the SIG’s new and quite capable manager. I’m also excited by the leadership prospects for SBSTC and LASTC.

I know first-hand the struggles that STC communities face with dwindled volunteers and finances, and the frustrations of shrinking membership numbers. But I also know first-hand the joys of finding ways to bring our members benefits, see membership numbers grow (or at least not shrink), and find ways to persevere and even thrive—and have real hope for the future.

I’m running for Secretary because I want to use my knowledge and skills to help the Society with the changes we need to make so we can have a robust future.

Last year, the three communities I led hosted 10 webinars collectively, added to their financial reserves, and brought in new volunteers. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have experience, resourcefulness, and passion. And I want to use these to help the Society.

I am well-qualified to perform the duties of Secretary, which include properly keeping and distributing meeting minutes, scheduling Board meetings, and helping set the meeting agendas. Aside from my experience as an STC community secretary, I’ve served for 15 years as the secretary for Documentation team meetings we hold at work. And when a committee, council, or project I’m involved with seems to lose focus or lacks direction, I help establish the agenda and keep us moving forward. Then I create legacy documentation and best-practices information for future endeavors.

Finally, the decades I’ve spent successfully serving STC at the community level and elsewhere honed my leaderships skills and strategic thinking, deepened my knowledge of STC, and enhanced my ability to work effectively as a team member—making me well-qualified to serve as a member of the STC Board.


About the Candidate:

Hi. I’m Li-At Rathbun and I’m running for STC Secretary.

I’m an STC Associate Fellow with over 20 years of technical communication experience (yes, since kindergarten). For much of those years, I’ve worked primarily as the sole technical editor in a Docs department that ballooned from 15 writers to around 30. So, professionally speaking, I’m an Israeli who corrects Americans’ English for a living.

Since my very first STC meeting in 2000, I’ve continuously served in various leadership positions. I’ve helped bring value to STC at the local, regional, virtual, national, and global levels.

I know first-hand the struggles that STC communities face. But I also know first-hand the joys of finding ways to bring our members benefits, see membership numbers grow, and find ways to persevere and even thrive—and have real hope for the future.

I’m running for Secretary because I want to use my knowledge and skills to help the Society with the changes we need to make so we can have a robust future.

In recent years, as our Society experienced some of the same pains other organizations have experienced, I’ve learned to find creative ways to stretch the dollar, bring in money for the future, take advantage of shared resources, benefit current members, and attract new ones. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have experience, resourcefulness, and passion. And I want to use these to help the Society.

I am well-qualified to perform the duties of Secretary, and I am well-qualified to serve as a member of the STC Board. For more about me, please read my Candidate Statement. And if you have questions, please ask them in the Slack channel. And please consider voting for me for STC Secretary.

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I am honored to be nominated to run for election to the position of STC Secretary.

Why does Paula Robertson want to be the next STC Secretary?

I have been in technical communication for 27 years; 22 years as a member of STC. To answer the question simply, I want to contribute to the profession and the society at a higher but deeper level. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that only increases in value when I give it away.

In 2000, I was laid off from my first technical writing position of five years. One of the first things I did was to join STC. Several of my former colleagues were STC members, who gave me the impression that STC membership was worth the investment even without an income. I have maintained my STC membership at my own expense through several stints of unemployment as well as in times of continued employment. STC has been invaluable in my career, so it is that important to me. I believe it deserves my time and dedication in return.

To that end, for the Society and various STC communities, I have served as chapter board member, chapter and Summit presenter, competition judge, competition judge manager, newsletter editor, conference committee member, program designer, STC Notebook blogger, Intercom and Corrigo article writer, 2022 STC Summit Proceedings proofreader (to come)… and I want to add STC Secretary to my resume of service to you, the members of STC.


Why should you vote for Paula Robertson for STC Secretary?

I’m a good listener. I listen more than I talk. I want to know what concerns you. How might I be able to help you if I am your board liaison?

I have experience on the boards of several nonprofit organizations of which I was/am also a member: Arlington Choral Society, Inc., Denton Bach Society, and Clan Donnachaidh Society of North Texas, Inc. I served in the role of program designer/publisher for the two choral groups. Currently for Clan Donnachaidh Society, I produce a newsletter about society activities. For the Arlington Civic Chorus (later Arlington Choral Society), I served as board secretary, attending all board meetings and providing high-fidelity, detailed minutes of business discussions.

In short, I’ve done this nonprofit-board-member thing before (for a combined 10 years or so), just on a smaller scale. I am familiar with the business of running an organization like this. I am well versed in how a board meeting should be conducted and documented for the benefit of all members. Being a good listener comes in here as well!

As STC Secretary, I offer a no-nonsense business approach to facilitating the work of the Board. I am organized, detail oriented, accuracy focused, prompt, analytical, inquisitive, and I’m a writer!

I ask for your vote to put me to work for you. Thank you.


About the Candidate:

Paula Robertson is a veteran of 27 years’ tenure in technical communication. She has practiced her craft of quality documentation in a variety of industries that include air, sea, and rail transportation; telecommunications; pharmaceuticals; civil engineering; defense; and education.

Her association with STC began in 2000 after a layoff from her first techcom position. From those five years’ of professional experience, she knew that she had gained the skills she needed to continue in technical communication, but she also knew that she would need the support of an organization of colleagues such as STC. She immediately became active in her local chapter, North Texas Lone Star Community, where Jackie Damrau mentored and propelled her ever further into Society service.

Among other opportunities, Paula became heavily involved in local and international competitions in a variety of roles that led to Judge Manager of the STC International Summit Awards where she enjoyed collaborating with STC members across the globe. Paula was honored with the rank of STC Associate Fellow in 2014. In 2016, she was recognized by the Lone Star Community with the Binion Amerson Leadership Award.

Paula is currently the facilitator/manager of the STC Solo Technical Communicator Special Interest Group. In 2020, she pioneered the first-ever group meetings of the SIG with a desire to provide its members the same kind of real-time comradeship she has enjoyed from her various other STC interactions.

Paula works as the Senior (and only) Editor for a team of 30 content developers at a non-profit that publishes PreK–12 curriculum in STEM subjects, specifically Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Computer Science. The company partners with schools in all 50 states to provide an engaging, hands-on classroom environment that empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. For a detailed resume, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/paularobertsonfinelines/

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Hello, STC members!

As a long-time STC member and community leader, I am honored to be a candidate as a director for the STC board. In more than three decades of serving many STC communities, I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve my professional association in this new way. Here are some ways in which I envision how STC and its communities can thrive and be well positioned for a bright future.

  • See membership as a lifelong partnership. When I made the career transition from advertising and public relations to technical communication, my teammates encouraged me to join STC. The benefits of membership became clear to me almost immediately – I was able to begin building my network of technical communication colleagues, get exposure to what was happening in the field, and explore opportunities to build skills in my new career. Since then, my career has gone through several twists and turns as it does for so many of us. However, no matter what my career fortunes, no matter what changes in the workplace landscape, and no matter what obstacles and doubts I faced, STC was there to remind me that I was indeed a professional technical communicator with valuable skills to contribute. STC has been a consistent professional partner for me in the face of many inconsistencies over the years. I would like every STC member to experience this lifelong partnership and see STC as the “golden thread” that runs through their professional life. I support incentives for enduring membership such as multiple-year membership options, expanding membership options for Gold members, and other incentives to encourage members to stay with STC.
  • Support, strengthen, and honor communities. Chapters and Special Interest Groups are the center of members’ STC experiences. They are where members build their networks and gain valuable experience as leaders and volunteers. As a member and leader in several communities, I can testify to the positive impact this involvement has had on my professional and personal life. I encourage any ways that STC can support strong communities, such as leader training programs, information exchanges among communities, process improvements, and drawing on the excellent work that the Community Affairs Committee is doing as a valuable resource.
  • Continue to celebrate recognition of members, leaders, and communities. Recognition is a vital part of any STC member’s experience. I have always supported the recognition programs offered by STC, and I encourage every community to be sure that recognition is part of their community’s leadership strategy, educate members about recognition opportunities, and offer their own recognition programs.
  • Celebrate the value of our members from every generation. Today’s workplaces typically include employees from as many as four generations. Unfortunately, the media often focuses on conflicts among the generations. I encourage STC and its communities to celebrate the gifts that each generation can offer – to honor the energy and new perspectives of our young members as well as the rich body of knowledge and wisdom of our older members. We are all one, and we can celebrate our diversity while remaining grounded in our unity.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about all of us who are seeking to serve on the STC board. I encourage all of you to post your questions on our candidate Slack channels. And be sure to vote in the upcoming election.

Let us move forward together to build our profession, and STC along with it.


About the Candidate:

Lori Meyer is a technical communicator in Northern California, where she works with global cross-functional teams to develop and edit software documentation for enterprise cybersecurity products. Lori began her techcomm career as a technical editor at a telecommunications firm and has served as a writer, editor, and project lead at several software companies. She has received exemplary performance recognition from three employers.

Lori is a long-time STC member and community leader. She is a member of many STC chapters and SIGs and has served those communities in various roles. She is a past president of the Rochester, East Bay, and Washington DC-Baltimore Chapters and a past co-manager of the Technical Editing and Instructional Design & Learning SIGs. Currently, Lori serves as an at-large volunteer for the Instructional Design & Learning SIG and the San Francisco Bay Chapter and a director at large for the Florida Chapter. Lori was the first webmaster for the Rochester chapter, which became one of the first chapters in STC to have a web presence.

In addition, Lori has served as an ad-doc director for the STC Community Affairs Committee since 2020.

Lori has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, NY, and a Master of Science degree in instructional technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

Lori has received six STC Distinguished Community Service Awards from the communities she has served and President's Awards from three chapters. She has been an STC Fellow since 2015.






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Hello STC members!

I am excited to be a candidate for STC Board Director. I’ve spent many years in chapter leadership and more recently collaborating with other leaders in Board committees, finding inspiration from those who feel as passionate about the field of technical communication and the STC global community as I am.

Technical communication has gone through many changes in the last decade, especially in the last few years. The demand for technical communicators has risen in recent years, but the way we work and find work has changed. More people are working remotely, working more contract positions, and needing to expand their work skills to remain viable. With the “Great Resignation,” there are more people starting to flock to the technical communications field, looking to reinvigorate or even reinvent their careers.

What does that have to do with me? Everything. I represent someone who has experienced all these things in my tech comm career, especially in recent years. Why does that matter? The tech comm field isn’t your mom or dad’s field anymore—it’s expanded, changed, become more digital and global, and it continues to evolve. My view is that the STC must continue to grow and—most importantly—adapt to meet its members’ needs.

As an experienced chapter leader, I understand not only how to bring my own ideas through to fruition to help my community, but also how to listen and support the efforts of others who want to bring positive opportunities and changes for our STC community. As a member of a few board committees, I’ve seen how these committees work tirelessly behind the scenes to meet the ever-changing needs of its membership, including bolstering educational and networking opportunities—especially with the challenge of a pandemic!

I’m a person who’s willing to take some calculated risks, but I never do them alone or in a vacuum. I always work with those around me to ensure that the risk outweighs any negative outcomes that might happen, and that we can still learn and grow from those moments. Working as part of a team of people who are as motivated as you are to ensure that your community thrives is what it’s all about! Becoming a Board Director would be a means of contributing to a bigger community population than I have before, yet still with a group of fellow STC directors and officers who have that same desire to move our vocation forward.

I want to be the voice of our members who are needing to adapt and look to STC for direction. I’m not afraid to be that person who says, “Hey, we should consider this!” I want to hear what you have to say and share your concerns and ideas with STC leadership to ensure that your needs as a member are met, and that you can find those opportunities to gain experience professionally within your STC membership.

I am grateful for your support in this election.

Danielle M. Villegas


About the Candidate:

Danielle M. Villegas is based in Central New Jersey and is currently a Senior Knowledge Base Specialist at Cox Automotive. She has worked in the past at Deloitte, Merck, United Technologies, the International Rescue Committee, MetLife, Novo Nordisk, and BASF, and taught at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her background is grounded in content strategy, web content management, UX/UI strategy, technical writing, social media, project management, e-learning, and client services.

Danielle is known for her tech comm blog, TechCommGeekMom, and she has presented for Adobe, the Society for Technical Communication (STC), the IEEE ProComm, Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication (ISTC)’s TCUK conference, and Drexel University’s eLearning Conference. She has written articles for the several leading tech comm and e-learning publications. Her work also extends into print, as she has authored articles for STC’s Intercom magazine, and was included as a the only American commentary contributor in the ISTC’s fourth edition publication of Reginald Kapp’s The Presentation of Technical Information (2018).

Danielle is an active member of the STC. She has held several roles in the Philadelphia Metro Chapter, including Chapter President and Conference Chair for the chapter’s conference, CONDUIT. She has also been a member of the STC Education Committee and the Website Task Force. A 2021 STC Distinguished Community Service Award winner, she is currently the Acting President of the STC-Philadelphia Metro Chapter, the Chair of the STC Distinguished Community Service Award committee and continues as the Communications Chair of the STC Community Affairs Committee.

Nominating Committee Candidates

  Questions? Ask me in Slack in the Nominating Committee Forum

For many years, I have been a member of STC and believe that my background, education, experience, and excitement about our industry make me an excellent choice as a Nominating Committee member on the STC board.

My Experience
My extensive experience as a scholar, technical communicator, and STC member and volunteer is very relevant to this election, and the STC community as a whole. My over 15 years of technical communication industry experience includes work as a Director of Policy and Planning, Program Manager, Lead Writer, Technical Writer and Editor, Proposal Coordinator, Consultant, Newsletter Editor, and Grants and Proposals Development Specialist. I have had the pleasure of interacting with a variety of STC members across multiple SIGs and learning about how others’ professional and academic experiences complement my own. Further, interacting with STC members has enlightened me about the various ways that technical communication is present in many industries.

Volunteering as an STC member has been a major highlight of my time with the organization, and I continue to encourage other members and potential members to engage in volunteer opportunities.

My Vision for STC
As we evolve as an organization, I look forward to working with STC members to increase membership numbers, find ways to interact with other professional organizations (across various industries—not just technical communication-focused), and encourage a diversity of thought in decision-making. Bridging the gap between seasoned and newer generations of technical communicators is critical to ensure our core values are heard and updated to reflect the changing professional and academic landscape. Technical communicators are found in a vast amount of professional and academic spaces and our mission should be to meet them where they are—both virtually and in person—and invite them to join us.


About the Candidate:

Shayla Corprew is a technical communication professional with demonstrated success in policy and procedure establishment and analysis, research and development, grant and proposal development, content analysis, project management, and strategic planning. Her over 15 years of experience includes work as a Director of Policy and Planning, Program Manager, Lead Writer, Technical Writer and Editor, Proposal Coordinator, Consultant, Newsletter Editor, and Grants and Proposals Development Specialist.

Shayla holds BAs in English (Professional Writing) and Africana Studies from Virginia Tech, an MA in Technical Communication from Texas Tech University, and is currently a PhD student in Texas Tech University’s Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. She has been both a professional and student STC member and has served as a student volunteer for the STC Summit for multiple years. In addition, Shayla currently serves on the Virginia Tech English Department’s Distinguished Alumni Board.

Despite a busy schedule shared by academics and professionals alike, Shayla finds time to nurture her hobbies of landscape photography and exploring national and local parks to hike and walk.

Questions? Ask me in Slack in the Nominating Committee Forum

Hello! My name is Kylie Jacobsen, and I am an assistant professor of writing at Grand Valley State University. I am running for a position on the Nominating Committee because I am passionate about service to my profession because I want to contribute to an industry that I am preparing students to engage in after they graduate. I think there is a reciprocal relationship and responsibility that needs to happen between the academy and the industry – they cannot be mutually exclusive if we want to support and sustain generations of technical communicators who must be prepared to document and manage knowledge in ways we can’t fathom yet. I believe finding qualified, energized young professionals who want to contribute to the future of this organization is one way I can contribute in a meaningful way.

Experience with STC

I joined STC as a master’s student at Iowa State University in 2012, where I served as the vice president of the student chapter. After I graduated from ISU, I decided to pursue a PhD in technical communication and rhetoric at Texas Tech University, whose STC student chapter was recently reinvigorated by a committed faculty and student group. Soon, I found myself serving as the president of the TTU Student Chapter from 2016-2018. During those years, the chapter was awarded a Pacesetter Award, a Platinum Community Achievement Award, and Most Improved Chapter. I have published about my experience in STC student chapters in Intercom.

To stay actively involved in STC after graduating in 2019, I joined a few committees:

  • STC Scholarship Committee chair (2020-2022)
  • Community Affairs Committee (CAC) director and website taskforce liaison (2021-2022)
  • Ken Rainey Award for Distinguished Research (2022)
  • Sigma Tau Chi and Alpha Sigma Honor Societies Committee (2020-2022)
  • DSAS-DCSA Committee (2019-2021)

I also serve as a Vice President for the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter and had the honor of winning the logo design contest in 2020.

Educational Background

I pursued a bachelor’s degree in professional writing and communication from Southwest Minnesota State University, where I wrote for and edited the school newspaper. After graduation, I spent a year with AmeriCorps and took freelance writing jobs before enrolling in graduate school at Iowa State University. I earned a master’s degree in rhetoric, composition, and professional communication from ISU and shortly began my doctoral work at Texas Tech University. At TTU, I taught technical writing courses, teacher assisted (TA) a usability research methods course, conducted research as a research assistant for the Usability Research Lab, and worked as the assistant director for the technical communication program.


Please email me at jacokyli@gvsu.edu, connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylie-m-jacobsen/, reach out on Twitter at @kyliemjacobsen, or ask a question on Slack.


About the Candidate:

Kylie Jacobsen is an assistant professor of writing at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. She teaches courses in professional writing, business communication, document design and production, and web writing. Jacobsen is a current vice president for the Michigan Great Lakes STC Chapter, chairs the STC Scholarship Committee, and acts as the website taskforce liaison as a director for the Community Affairs Committee (CAC).

 Questions? Ask me in Slack in the Nominating Committee Forum

My TCOM professors at Southern Poly introduced me to STC. As a graduating senior, I remember being thrilled to exchange ideas with people who were already doing what I was pursuing. Being encouraged by that band of professionals made a tremendous difference in my career. Whether serving as an officer or mentor, giving a talk, sitting on a committee, or judging a competition, encouraging others has always been my focus. The honor of scouting talent as part of our Nominating Committee would allow me to inspire others in a new way. Over the last 20+ years, I’ve been fortunate to connect with many brilliant colleagues. I would tap my extensive network to promote our next generation of leadership. I have a keen eye for recognizing those who may not seek the spotlight, yet have phenomenal leadership capabilities. I desire to extend to others the same nurturing guidance that I received at multiple points along my journey. Beyond its official name, I also view STC as a Society of Talented Communicators. I humbly solicit your vote so that I could discover more stars within our exceptional constellation.


About the Candidate:

Mirhonda Studevant is a Global Knowledge Management (KM) Specialist at LinkedIn where she works to maintain the trust and safety of the platform. Mirhonda earned the first B.S. degree awarded in Technical and Professional Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State University) in Marietta, GA. She also holds an MBA, with a Knowledge and Learning Management concentration, from Walden University. Mirhonda has been involved with STC since 1996, serving in a variety of capacities with the Atlanta chapter including President, Vice President, Secretary, Programs Chair, Web Editor, Special Events coordinator, Employment manager, Host Chapter committee, Currents Workshop presenter and Online Competitions judge. She earned several recognitions including the Behind the Scenes award. At the Society level, Mirhonda recently supported the KnowledgeXchange series and Membership Task Force. Mirhonda contributed to several industry publications including STC's Intercom magazine, the CIDM Best Practices newsletter, and a Virtual Collaboration textbook. Mirhonda moved to south Florida a few years ago and was delighted to connect with colleagues in the Florida STC chapter. Combining her affinity for KM and cooking, the self-proclaimed “KM Chef” enjoys helping organizations deliver fresh content cuisine as well as watching cooking shows and trying new recipes.

Visit Mirhonda's LinkedIn profile!

Congratulations to the candidates listed above, and thanks to all STC members who expressed interest in running for office.

For more information about STC's election process, visit our Elections page. Note that the slate was prepared in accordance with the current Society bylaws.

The 2022 STC election is scheduled to be open from March 7th through March 18th. To be eligible to vote, members must have paid their dues by 31 January of the election year. All eligible members will receive an email from a third-party vendor to vote.


Election forums are hosted on the STC Communities Slack workspace. Engage with the candidates by asking them questions and commenting on their responses. Tag each of the candidates so they know you have asked them a question. Use the “@” and their name to tag them.