Distinguished SIG Service Award (DSSA) Awardees

The Distinguished SIG Service Awards acknowledge the work of Special Interest Group (SIG) members who provide exemplary service to the Society through their dedication to the SIG and its activities.

2021 Honorees (DSSA)

Instructional Design & Learning SIG COP

Lori Meyer: For your dedication to the Instructional Design and Learning SIG, your unfailing commitment to leadership, and for displaying compassion and wisdom in calm and troubled circumstances.

Technical Editing SIG COP

Yoel Strimling: For developing the Technical Editing SIG's Corrigo Journal and for elevating its credibility and prestige through your excellence as an editor, by providing relevant, high-quality information to the community.

2020 Honorees (DSSA)

Policies and Procedures SIG

Louise H. Tincher: For your longstanding commitment, leadership, and generous sharing of your time and expertise to the Policies and Procedures SIG.

Historical List of Winners

2019 Sheri Henkin Technical Editing
2018 Rebekka Andersen Technical Editing
2017 Crista Mohammed Instructional Design and Learning
2017 Marcia Wood Technical Editing
2016 Pam Brewer Academic
2016 Jennifer O Neill Europe
2016 Viqui Dill Instructional Design & Learning
2016 Preeti Mathur Instructional Design & Learning
2016 Wendy Mastandrea Technical Editing
2016 Lori Meyer Technical Editing
2015 Mellissa Ruryk Instructional Design & Learning
2015 Ann Wiley Usability and User Experience
2014 Craig Baehr Academic
2014 Jamye Sagan Instructional Design & Learning
2014 Maralee Sautter Instructional Design & Learning
2014 Ann Marie Queeney Technical Editing
2014 Meenakshi Khanna Usability and User Experience
2014 Linda Patryas Usability and User Experience
2013 Sally Henschel Academic
2013 Carol Anne Wall Academic
2013 Kathleen McIlraith Instructional Design & Learning
2013 Katie Wilson Instructional Design & Learning
2013 William E. Swallow Single Sourcing SIG
2013 Meredith Blackwelder Kinder Technical Editing
2013 Patricia Moell Technical Editing
2013 Kristi Leach Usability & User Experience
2013 Alice Preston Usability & User Experience
2012 Ed Marshall Consulting and Independent Contracting
2012 Jeanette Rogers Instructional Design & Learning
2012 Cindy Pao Instructional Design & Learning
2011 Linda Stinger Instructional Design & Learning
2011 Paul Holland MarComm
2011 Virginia Janzig Technical Editing
2010 Carol Widstrand Instructional Design & Learning
2010 Rick Sapir Technical Editing
2009 Linda Gallagher Consulting & Independent Contracting
2009 Robert Hershenow Instructional Design & Learning
2009 Shari Gray Lone Writers
2009 Michelle Corbin Technical Editing
2009 Karen Bachmann Usability & User Experience
2008 Elizabeth Bailey Academic
2008 Linda Gallagher Consulting & Independent Contracting
2008 Jan Watrous-McCabe Instructional Design & Learning
2008 Jane Smith Instructional Design & Learning
2008 Robert Hershenow Instructional Design & Learning
2008 Shari Gray Lone Writers
2008 Michael Markley Management
2008 Diane Feldman Technical Editing
2008 Michelle Corbin Technical Writing
2008 Karen Bachmann Usability & User Experience
2007 Kenneth T. Rainey Academic
2007 Chris Emanuelli Instructional Design & Learning
2007 Richard Mateosian Management
2007 Patrick Lufkin Management
2007 Rachel A. Houghton Online
2007 Destry Wion Online
2007 Raymond E. Urgo Policies & Procedures
2007 Thomas Neuburger Quality & Process Improvement
2007 Amanda J. Nance Usability & User Experience
2006 Fabien Vais AccessAbility
2006 Jodie Gilmore Consulting and Independent Contracting
2006 Rich Maggiani Consulting and Independent Contracting
2006 Thomas Barker Consulting and Independent Contracting
2006 Bill Collins Indexing
2006 Sylvia Miller Instructional Design and Learning
2006 Jackie Damrau Instructional Design and Learning
2006 Lou Quillio Online
2005 Cynthia Lockley AccessAbility
2005 Hillary Hart Environmental Safety and Health
2005 Seth A. Maislin Indexing
2005 Jackie Damrau Management
2005 Deidre Murr Management
2005 Ralph E. Robinson Policies and Procedures
2005 Geoff Hart Scientific Communication
2005 Allen Rotz Usability and User Experience
2005 Chauncey Wilson Usability and User Experience
2004 Daniel W. Voss AccessAbility
2004 Susan Witter Consulting and Independent Contracting
2004 Karen A. Steele Consulting and Independent Contracting
2004 Cheryl Landes Indexing
2004 Ann Howell Marketing Communication
2004 Gordon Graham Marketing Communication
2004 Audrey Cielinski-Kessler Policies and Procedures
2004 Alice J. Preston Usability
2003 Peg Mauer Indexing
2003 Elizabeth Bailey Management
2003 Laura J. Mulcahy-Mayhew Marketing Communication
2003 Jeff Staples Quality
2003 Judith N. Skinner Special Needs
2003 Julia W. Byrd Technical Editing
2003 Whitney Quesenbery Usability
2002 Christopher Juillet Consulting and Independent Contracting
2002 Jan C. Wright Indexing
2002 Beth Mazur Information Design
2002 Ann L. Wiley International Technical Communication
2002 Brenda P. Huettner Management
2002 Deborah J. Ausman Marketing Communication
2002 Karen L. Mobley Online Information
2002 Donald S. Lenk Quality
2002 David J. Dick Usability
2002 Janice C. Redish Usability