Sigma Tau Chi and Alpha Sigma Honor Societies

The student honorary societies Sigma Tau Chi (STX) and Alpha Sigma (AS) recognize student members of the Society who have distinguished themselves as students and have demonstrated promise of future contributions to the Society and the profession.

Membership in STX is an honor given to students enrolled in a program in technical communication, who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above, are exemplary in participation in STC, and demonstrate a potential for significant contribution to the profession.

Membership in AS is an honor given to students enrolled in a program in technical communication who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above, demonstrate active participation in STC, and have the potential to contribute to the profession.

Membership is awarded only once and honorees retain the membership only as long as they are members in good standing of the Society.

Nomination process

Please consult the application form for the complete process. Nominations are to be emailed to the committee chair.

STX/AS Application Form

STX/AS Guidelines

Who is eligible: STC Members who are enrolled in a baccalaureate, graduate, two-year, or certificate program

Who may recommend: Any member may nominate a student, or members may apply directly

Due date for applications: Extended to 16 December 2020

Honorees notified: After vote by STC Board of Directors

CHAIR: Michael McCarthy


  • Dr. Julie Gerdes
  • Dr. Leah Heilig
  • Dr. Kylie Jacobsen


  • Ben Woelk


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Award Recipients


John Clement


Madison Estabrook


Lloyd Thompson-Taylor

Savannah DeFreese, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


None awarded in 2016.


Michelle Malkasian, Portland State University


Anna Lerew-Phillips, Midwestern State University
Sara Schram, Michigan Technological University


Krysten Cooper, Michigan Technological University
Lisa Gaeta, Rochester Institute of Technology
John Morrison, Portland State University
Amanda White, Utah State University


Peggy Harvey North Carolina State University
Rita G. Howard Clemson University
Katie Marburger Cedarville University
Kelly Shackelford Cedarville University
Anna Beth Wilkerson Clemson University
Alan Jeffrey Wyman University of Minnesota


Daniel Beck University of Central Florida Molly Bunton Missouri State University
Teresa Spear Counterman Missouri State University
Erin SanGregory Cedarville University
John Strange North Carolina University


Andrew Armstrong North Carolina State University
Amaya Berriochoa Boise State University
April Cooper Cedarville University
Patricia Egan New Jersey Institute of Technology
Sally Henschel Texas Tech University
Kyle Steele Mercer University
Sarah J. Austin Missouri State University
Jennifer E. Davis Arizona State University-Polytechnic Campus


Lindsay K. Lehmann Cedarville University
John Martin North Carolina State University
Brynn Paine Cedarville University
Kimberly Michelle Rothwell North Carolina State University
Elaine Wisniewski Eastern Michigan University
Quan Zhou University of Washington


Alexandra L. Bartell University of Washington Peter S. Bird Clarkson University
Peggy G. Bivins University of Central Florida
Heather Brautman North Carolina State University
Laura Ann Castle Cedarville University
Linda Chadwick Missouri State University
Lisa Ferrara Utah State University
John W. McFarland New Mexico Tech
Candice M. McKee Oklahoma State University
Laurel Verhagen University of Wisconsin-Stout
Andrea Zachery Oklahoma State University


Mary C. Corder University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Holli S. Hoerschelman Montana Tech of The University of Montana
Adarsh M. Rao Metropolitan State University
Jeff Stevenson Cedarville University
Lisa A. Wendl Cedarville University


Katherine J. Banks Texas Tech University
Tiffany A. Bockhop University of Wisconsin-Stout
Amanda K. Herr Universityof Wisconsin-Stout
Jennifer S. Himes Cedarville University
Matt D. Lawless Texas Tech University
Erika T. Mayweather Mercer University
Carla M. Paschke Mercer University
Jennifer L. Paschke Mercer University
Jeff Staples Texas Tech University
Maggie L. Van Norman North Carolina State University
Adam T. Wilson University of Washington


Beverly Denise Cook Mercer University
Lyn F. Gattis Oklahoma State University
Aubrey L. Hardman Texas Tech University
Amy L. Hickcox University of Wisconsin-Stout
Louise I. Keeton University of North Texas
Jillian G. Mistak Cedarville University
Kaye M. Puthof Bowling Green State University
Kristin J. Ruder Minnesota State University, Mankato
Shannon M. Safara University of Washington
Huatong Sun Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Diana Elizabeth Westbrook Southwest Texas State University


Jean Abrahamson
Brad W. Butler -Texas Tech University
Lacey Joy Cunnigham -Youngstown State University
Kimberly A. Eridon -Cedarville University
Sara C. Heidtmann -Miami University
Xiaoli Li -Bowling Green State University
Ryan C. Seely -Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Heather A. Sehmel -Texas Tech University
Aimee Thompson Whiteside -University of Minnesota
JoAnne Willett -Cedarville University
Tipton G. Zehr -SUNY Institute of Technology


Kevin M. Barry -Bowling Green State University
Rebecca J. Bryson -University of Washington
Hope E. Chandler -North Carolina State University
Jennifer D. Evans -Mercer University
Jennifer Bryn Karasow -East Carolina University
Karen E. Kasonic -University of Washington
Karen L. Mobley -North Carolina State University
Amanda J. Nance -Mercer University
Mark Christian Nelson -Utah State University
Anna L. Weaver -North Carolina State University
Jill C. Wesolowski -Bowling Green State University
Sarah E. Wilson -Miami University


Lillian E. Bartlett -Mercer University
Whitney E. Bates -Texas Tech University
Karla A. Caldwell -Miami University
Bethany P. Call -Miami University
James E. Deaton -Cedarville College
Sarah E. Flenar -Cedarville College
Ellyn Felts Hassell -East Carolina University
Chadwick R. Holliday -East Carolina University
Kenneth M. Kittle -Bowling Green State University
Rachel M. Morris -Cedarville College
Gudrun M. Olson -Cedarville College
Penny D. Papo -Ferris State University
Holly N. Siegelman -East Carolina University
Kevin C. Stahnke -Texas Tech University
Therese D. Turman -Southern Polytechnic State University
Michele L. Ward -East Carolina University


Melissa B. Carstarphen -East Carolina University
David D. Dayton -Texas Tech University
Kristin A. Eimen -Texas Tech University
Monica A. Fry -Texas Tech University
Heidi L. Hansen -Bowling Green State University
Denny B. Kramer -Oklahoma State University
Jessica E. Larcom -Bowling Green State University
Erin B. Ross -Cedarville College
Kirk R. St. Amant -University of Minnesota
Lisa Nicole Walker -Cedarville College
Corey Wick -Texas Tech University


Mark P. Alway -University of Washington
Patricia J. Burrows -SUNY Institute of Technology
Matthew S. Carpenter -Mount Royal College
Connie E. Chambers -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Brandie Lynne Clevenger -Texas Tech University
Chad J. Covey -Texas Tech University
Amy L. Cross-Murphy -Michigan Technological University
Carrie J. Evans -Clarkson University
Carol E. Gasser -Bowling Green State University
Alanna T. George -Michigan Technological University
Kelly M. Gilligan -Clarkson University
Shawna A. Martin -Texas Tech University
Sabrina L. Peters -Texas Tech University
Dennis P. Pierce -Bowling Green State University
Judy E. Rudin -Oklahoma State University
P. Joy Wickholm -Cedarville College


John R. Chandler -Texas Tech University
Judy E. Gaught -Texas Tech University
Jennifer L. Giordano -Bowling Green State University
Mary Ellen Gomrad -University of Central Florida
Melissa A. Gordon -Mercer University
Laura A. Hines -East Carolina University
Kathleen T. Kavanaugh -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Cecilia Ewa Kullberg -Florida Institute of Technology
Cheri L. McKee -Rochester Institute of Technology
Douglas M. Pyle -University of Washington
Johanna G. Shackelford -East Carolina University
Janet Sue Spicer -Tennessee Technological University
Mary K. Wiedemer -Bowling Green State University
Philip L. Wittmer -Cedarville College


Michelle L. Bowman -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Jeanne V. Brunson -Texas Tech University
Carol N. Carter -Mercer University
Sarah A. de Aguero -University of South Florida
Leslie K. Gasser -Bowling Green State University
H. Young Kim -Oklahoma State University
Diana Lynn Silvers -Missouri Western State College
Michael H. Stivers -University of Washington
Christina I. White -Iowa State University


Diana M. Barkley -Austin Community College
Andrew Bray -SUNY Institute of Technology
Cynthia L. King -University of Washington
Stephanie B. Lassiter -East Carolina University
Winifred Ruth Leonard -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Amy Jean Listeman -East Carolina University
Melody E. Locke -University of Houston
Marisa J. Mueller -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Lynn A. Perry -Bowling Green State University
Susan E. Schwartz -East Carolina University
Serena Kay Shubert -University of Washington
Margaret R. Stanton -Missouri Western State College
Jianmin Wang -Southern College of Technology
Jamie L. West -Texas Tech University


Tammy L. Carter -East Carolina University
Mina R. Fitting -Texas Tech University
Brenda Camp Gordon -Texas Tech University
Virginia Nolan Grigg -University of Southwestern Louisiana
Jerold Jeansonne -Oklahoma State University
Billie Maas -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Carolyn O. Malpass -East Carolina University
Martha K. Sippel -Metropolitan State College of Denver
Mary Jo Stark -Metropolitan State College of Denver
N. Jennifer Wu -Clarkson University


Sharlyn D. Avina -Bowling Green State University
Ruth Anne Bartholomew -Cedarville College
Cindy Dunlow -Iowa State University
Barbara Harris Kremer -East Carolina University
Robin D. Lee -Texas Tech University
Michael J. McGraw -San Diego State University
Rhonda F. Moore -East Carolina University
Timothy L. Owens -Southern College of Technology
Gloria Anne Reece -Florida Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Overman Smith -Texas Tech University
Harold M. Snyder -East Carolina University


Gary R. Bloyd -University of Missouri
Diane L. Cranz -University of Washington
Barbara West Nelson -University of Washington


Meridyth Burnett -University of Washington
Deborah Mittenzwei -San Diego State University


Andrea Ames Alvarado -Drexel University
Nancy Bayer -Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Stacey Clark -Bowling Green State University
Norina Columbaro -Bowling Green State University
Terry Reed -New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


Lori Alexander -North Eastern University
Anne Blanchard -East Carolina University
Jody Dressler -Oklahoma State University
Katherine Hoover -University of Washington
Carol Isakson -University of Washington
Pat Snicker -Mankado State University
Judith Swift -University of California at Santa Barbara


Amy Blackburn -New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Anne Cavanaugh -San Diego State University
Judith Edelbute -San Diego State University
Carl Fielden -San Diego State University
Dana Gillihan -Oklahoma State University
Jennifer Herrin -Oklahoma State University
Kathy Houston -Oklahoma State University
Lucy Langworthy -Oklahoma State University
Aiessa Moynia -New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
J. Gail Nash -Oklahoma State University
Stacy Sanderlin -Oklahoma State University
Doris Watts -San Diego State University
Kaye White -Oklahoma State University


Marguerite F. D'Amico -(school not provided)
Thomas C. Dixon -(school not provided)
Deborah L. Flaherty -(school not provided)
John A. Foley -(school not provided)
Lt. Col. James C. Gaston -(school not provided)
Craig Harkins -(school not provided)
Nancy Karner -Rensselaer Poytechnic Institute
Patrick Kelley -Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Patrick H. Kelley -(school not provided)
Mark S. Low -(school not provided)
Charles R. Stratton -(school not provided)
Robert Weaver -Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute