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Driven to educate, inform, and entertain through content,

Industry leading Content Strategist. Author of “The Content Pool,” and regular conference speaker, workshop leader, and writer on Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Customer Experience, Brand Management, and Content and Localization Strategy.

Balancing both tactical and strategic knowledge and a gift for storytelling in white papers, articles and blog posts. A regular contributor to various industry sources and in-demand speaker for conferences.

Named one of the Top 25 Content Strategy Influencers and a Digital Strategy thought leader in 2016 and 2017.

Started my career in Technical Publications, and drifted over to Content Marketing while still remaining active in the Tech Comm community. Held various positions as a variety of publishing and content management software companies over the years.

Also a writer of high-adventure fiction, pop-culture reference books, and comics.

You can find me online at:

Twitter @thecontentpool


Twitter @alanjporter

Candidate Statement:

I believe that the Society should embrace the word “Communications” in it’s title and look beyond just being a society for technical writers (which is what it has become by default), and include other communication professionals from the worlds of graphics, audio, video, and emerging fields such as AR etc.  As President I would plan and execute on an outreach program to broaden the Society’s membership and embrace different disciplines. (see my Convergence Conversations column on Page 27 of the July/August 2018 issue of INTERCOM for more on this.)”