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The Lone Writer SIG provides a supportive community for “solo” technical communicators. The SIG provides an active, supportive, real-time discussion forum for those who lack resources and relevant feedback in their workplace. This ready-made network of professional colleagues is available to any SIG member who posts a message to the discussion list. It’s just that easy-to get a variety of answers and/or challenges to your next techcom dilemma.

A “Lone Writer” can be any technical communicator who works solo in a small company or is the only writer or editor on a team or specific project in a larger organization. Independent consultants and contractors are also a good fit for this SIG.

However, all technical communicators are welcome. STC members are free to define themselves as “lone writers” any way they choose.

Name: Paula Robertson

WEBSITE: http://www.stc-lonewriter.org

LINKEDIN: Lone Writer SIG LinkedIn Group