Lanyards-2-Go! Grab your bling, smart phone, and let's go! My travel wallets are perfect for helping you establish your group's brand. In this example, I demonstrate a possible design for the Society for Technical Communication's AccessAbility Special Interest Group (SIG). In this example, I share my yo-yo treasure trove and a standard wallet–style lanyard that I have redesigned. The starfish washes in on a terry fabric that has been dyed in a color scheme to coordinate with the wallet and overall design. My process for dying is authentic from green fabrics that are prepared for a hand dying process. I used asymmetrical stippling to accomplish the edging on the top side of the lanyard. The copper metallic color coordinates with the stippling on the starfish. The yo-yos are made mostly from vintage fabrics and buttons that were given to me by a Dahlonega, GA, mountain woman in my educational outreach programs. The STC AccessAbility SIG logo appears in the upper left area of the lanyard. This item is a button that we use to promote the SIG. The art is designed for reuse. The entire work can be easily lifted off of the lanyard and replaced with another design or simply conference information. To market the SIG, images can be used along with speaker ribbons or placed in the "window" area of the lanyard. The 3–D design can be used as well. (c) 2012 Gloria A. Reece; All rights reserved.