Immediate Past President

My involvement in STC began in 1997 and I’ve served as a community leader and continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. STC is a member organization with peer support to grow our reputations as thought leaders and to show that we add value to every business unit, in every business model. We are the right people to plan, create, edit, and manage; this is the right time for us to lead.

I am the founder and President of Publishing Smarter ( where we help clients with their content creation, management and distribution workflows. This improves quality and increases productivity.

An extensive background in a range of fields has helped me deliver training that exceeds expectations. I am consistently evaluated as a top trainer, conference speaker, and thought leader on topics including information development and content strategy, DITA and XML, publishing and distribution, writing, and content management. In addition to managing a business, I also teach part-time at two colleges and am involved in the ongoing development of curriculum for several school programs.

I am proud to be an Associate Fellow of STC and am recognized by my peers as an expert in the field of technical communications. In almost 20 years of community service, I have presented STC Summits and to local communities, delivering educational opportunities in person and online to members across North America and around the world.

As a strong believer in doing things right the first time, I am an advocate for the value of technical communicators in business to help provide solutions through effective content planning, management, reuse, and distribution. I firmly believe that content is the key business asset in the same way source code, patents, people, and financial assets are, and that all should be respected and managed in the best interests of developing and growing an organization.