Robert P. Harrison

Robert P. Harrison

Technical Writer, Science and Engineering, RPH Technical Writing

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and 25 years’ experience in science and technical writing. Robert has written over 300 documents, both for engineering professionals and for non-technical audiences such as bankers, lawyers, plant operators and business leaders.  These include reports, marketing brochures, journal articles, technical specifications, proposals, literature reviews, audits, presentations, and studies.  He has also proofread over 200 documents, mainly to ensure clarity and logic, but also for writing quality.

Over the years, Robert has developed ways to explain science to the layperson without using jargon or acronyms.  A doctorate provides a very solid grounding in math, chemistry and physics, so his approach is to deconstruct a subject down into its constituent parts – the ‘atoms’ so to speak – and then reconstruct these scientific concepts back up to the level required by the client.


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Un-Heavy Reading: How to Add Value to Engineering Reports 1 Hours April 5, 2017