Susan Kelley

Senior Content Strategist, Medidata

Susan is a Senior Content Strategist at Medidata. She has worked in and taught professional and technical writing for close to 20 years. She holds two Master’s degrees in writing, from Carnegie Mellon and Duquesne universities where she taught Human-Computer Interaction and Professional writing before joining the private sector. She is also the creator of […]

Erika Frensley

Technical Writer, Bluware, Inc

Erika Frensley has been a technical writer for more than 30 years in the software, oil and gas, and medical fields. Currently she is working as the main technical writer at Bluware, Inc, using MadCap Flare to keep projects in line. She has been active with the STC Houston and STC South Central Chapter for […]

Meredith Singleton

Chief Strategy Officer, Untold Content

Meredith Singleton has a PhD in Technical and Professional Communication with over ten years of experience as a writer and editor working with clients from a variety of industries. Dr. Singleton made the transition to instructional design as a career field over ten years ago, providing curriculum development, course design and elearning expertise within higher […]

Alexander Muravyov

CEO & Co-founder, ClickHelp

Alexander Muravyov is the CEO and Co-founder of ClickHelp, a leading cloud-based documentation tool and hosting platform. With over 21 years of experience in the software industry, including 14+ years in management roles, Alexander brings a wealth of expertise to the field of technical communication. He holds a degree in Software Engineering and combines his […]

Heather Hedden

Product Communication Representative & Knowledge Manager, Semantic Web Company

Heather Hedden has been a taxonomist for over 25 years in various organizations and as an independent consultant. She currently works as a product communication representative and knowledge manager at Semantic Web Company (vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite software) and previously worked as a taxonomist at Cengage Learning, Viziant, First Wind, and Project Performance Corp. […]