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James Bousquet is a senior customer training coordinator at ATS Life Sciences, a role that takes him across North America and Europe. He has worked at companies as large as IBM and as small as a five-person startup, including two years as the administrative officer of a hospital research facility. Jim lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and he has served as STC Treasurer since May, 2017.

Candidate statement:
I am still focused on building, engaging, and providing value to STC members. As tech comm roles continue to become more specialized, STC needs to attract and retain members by ensuring that we are the go-to resource for current education, skills development, and information. These are crucial at each stage and facet of our career development.

As Treasurer, I work with STC Staff make sure that the other Board members have a clear understanding our financial position in order to make sound decisions. STC cannot thrive only by cutting expenses. The coming year will be critical. We are working to develop new revenue sources to effectively support our programs.

I would be honored to serve for another term as the STC Treasurer. I look forward to meeting you at Summit in Denver! Thank you for your support of STC.