Professional Technical Writer Skills for Improving your Work Process with Data Science Support


Tara Carson
Technical Writer II Pfizer, Inc.


March 6, 2019 - 2:00 PM


March 6, 2019 - 3:00 PM

Professional Technical Writer Skills for Improving your Work Process with Data Science Support

This session would include tips for using skills in technical writing to improve work performance, efficacy, interfacing with SME’s and other professional co-workers, based on scientific evidence.

In this session, the attendee would learn about software and tips for completing their work tasks effectively per this below information.

Trello is a software program that can be used to organize projects and multi-step work tasks so that each part of them would be listed for an easy-to-use process to manage them effectively, which is supported with the scientific evidence that this type of project management works better than other types.

Microsoft OneNote is a software program that allows the user to place information within it for an easy reference to find tips, training information, work projects, and other go-to guides for completing work tasks, which gives the technical writer user one software program to use for their information. This is great for their organizational skills, and is a solid choice any information professional, according to a scientific review.

Subject Matter Expert interviewing is better with a process, and there is one that is scientifically proven to be best, from the Educational Technology study.

Evidence-based best practices for:

Working with others to create written work
Dividing content
Visual presentation
Managing due dates

This is the research that would help with giving tips for completing work tasks for a technical writer, and I would present these for my audience.

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