How to Make A Software Demonstration Video


Adding video to your technical communications arsenal sounds like a good idea, but who has the time to create videos when you’re buried in a pile of Release Notes, software change requests, and “bug write-ups?” The answer to that question is, “you do!” Attend this one hour session and remove some of the mystique about producing help videos and the time commitment it requires. In one hour, we will go through the creation of a video that describes a software feature, from start to finish!

At 2:00 PM

Free STC Member-Only Webinar: The Importance of Governance in Regulated Content


Governance may not be a “four letter word” but in many organizations that’s exactly how it’s treated. Governance is key in all organizations that create content, and it’s especially important in regulated industries where content must be scrutinized and verified before it’s made available to the public. Often it’s blamed for slowing down the creative process, or increasing time-to-market. Those aren’t features of “governance”, but are indicative of a poor or inappropriate implementation. Join me as I explain why governance is important and how you can streamline your governance process.