AI Prompt Engineering: Prompt Your Way to GPT Mastery


Susan Kelley
Senior Content Strategist, Medidata AI


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AI Prompt Engineering: Prompt Your Way to GPT Mastery

4  June to 25 June 2024 (Tuesdays) | 6:00 to 7:00 PM ET



This 4-week course will teach prompt engineering, an in-depth look at how to craft and fine-tune a valuable skill in generative AI. By understanding the fundamentals of prompt engineering and prompt tuning, participants can harness the value of large language models and generative AI models to improve and refine the current toolsets of generative AI, and advocate for their use in technical writing at their companies. Whether you are new to AI or you have used tools like Chat GPT, you will move from the basics of prompt engineering to more advanced techniques and understand how to apply style, voice, parameters, and formulas to make the most of what the current state of generative AI has to offer.



After the first session, participants will understand and be able to apply the basic tenets of natural language processing and large language models. They will construct and employ prompts to achieve specific results and fine-tune those results to accelerate tasks like emails, outlines, and plots.
Upon completing the course, participants will understand and employ unique real-world applications based on their individual needs for progressive prompting, prompt tuning, and metaprompts to achieve both initial and refined results for successively longer writing tasks.


Attendee Takeaways:

Each participant will create a specific, tailored tangible piece of writing to be refined through prompt engineering and follow the prompt tasking through its evolution to discover the pathways of prompt engineering, then create a final “project” based on a reengineered prompt more easily constructed based on what we have learned in this course, demonstrating the principles of good prompt engineering and tuning. This will result in a quickly prepared, edited writing project ready for presentation to the group generated through ChatGPT (free version) in a single session.



Week 1: 

The basics of generative AI, what it is and why it’s vital for us to learn it. What are good prompts and bad prompts, examples and live sessions generating content. Homework: Getting your feet wet with ChatGPT and some prompt generation to succeed and fail.

Week 2:

Writing strong prompts and refining them accordingly. Prompt refining for tone and voice. Step by step and hacks. Using the “Zero chain of thought” and “prompt hacking” Homework: Prompt hacking for tone and voice, creating outputs in the tone of several author styles and refinements

Week 3:

Writing code with GPT prompting, generating tables and formatting through prompting. We will generate tables with mock data and formatted titles with requested fields. Homework: Real-world tables and outputs.

Week 4:

Megaprompts and information specifics. This week will dive into guiding GPT with constraints, context, and instructions to get more refined results. We’ll build with progressive prompts and multi-step workflows to get accustomed to what we want through a progressive prompt, showing how prompt tuning and analytical prompting build circular workflows.

We’ll wrap up the course and offer feedback and critique to each other and determine whether there should be Prompt Engineering: Part 2 offered soon!



For current CPTC certificants: This course provides 6 CEUs for recertification, in the Content Development and Content Management areas.

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