Karen Tkaczyk

Karen Tkaczyk

Freelance Translator and Editor McMillan Translation, LLC

Karen McMillan Tkaczyk first trained as a chemist, then after having children changed course and became a freelance technical translator and editor. She has been editing for non-native authors since 2006 and has developed a structured, efficient approach to this work.

Karen has more than a decade of in-person training and public speaking under her belt and she transferred her skills to giving online training once that technology matured. Karen keeps up the energy, even when people can't look each other in the eye. She gives much of her training in two areas: scientific subject-matter expertise for translators, and great scientific and technical writing and editing.

Karen is originally from the UK and has lived in the US since 1999. She can speak extensively about English dialects and how to localize them, but she can only speak with a lilting Scottish accent.

Karen recently rejoined STC after a hiatus and will present at Summit 2019. She is heavily involved in the American Translators Association, and currently serves as its Secretary. She tweets as @ChemXlator.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
English Localization: Forever Separated by that Common Language? 1 Hours March 14, 2019
Editing for Academics with English as a Second Language (ESL) 1 Hours February 27, 2019
Proofreading–A Fresh Look 1 Hours January 24, 2019