Shikha Saxena

Shikha Saxena

Senior Technical Writer, HSBC Technology, Pune, India.

Shikha Saxena is a Senior Technical Writer in HSBC Technology, Pune, India. She is actively involved in learning and applying Agile methodologies in product and business architectural documentation in financial domain. She is an active blogger on organizational intranet for Technology and Well-being sites. Managed web content writing, editing, and publication of the same. She is a speaker and participant, in national (STC, Pune, India, July 2016) and International conferences (tekom / tcWorld February 2016, Bengaluru, India). She was one of the speakers in STC SUMMIT 2017 in Writing and Communications category, for ‘Art of Writing in Agile’.

She was a lecturer, teacher, researcher, and mentor to Science (Biochemistry) and Engineering (Biotechnology) Graduates and Post Graduates of Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), in NCR, New Delhi, India, before her global career as a Software Engineer/Technical Writer (2009).


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Nurturing Future STEM Communicators in the Healthcare/Medical Field 1 Hours March 21, 2018