Stacey Seronick

Stacey Seronick

Content Strategist, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Though the industries have varied, and the titles have been about as diverse-sounding as it gets, Stacey Seronick’s career and personal pursuits have always been centered around people. Professionally, it is her goal, regardless of particulars of the situation, to “make life easier and better” for those around her – whether customers or colleagues.

Through an iterative process involving cycles of observing, asking, and listening and trying, testing, and observing, the goal remains the same, whether it is delivered in the form of strategy, design, or procedural and systemic change management.

Currently, Stacey is a member of the Content Strategy team in the Payments, Virtual Solutions, and Innovation (PVSI) division of Wells Fargo, based out of San Francisco. She is also in the process of standing up a service design practice within PVSI, and speaks regularly, both within Wells Fargo and at industry events and conferences, on the topics of employee and customer engagement, empathy-building, the intersection of content strategy and service design, and design leadership.

In addition to working on Wells Fargo’s B2B UX team, Stacey is a full-time student in UC Irvine’s Graduate program for Human-Computer Interaction and Design, and in her “spare” time, she enjoys painting, writing, people-watching, and creating interactive art.


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Your Customer’s Success Starts with Your Team’s Success 1 Hours May 31, 2017