Getting Ahead as a Lone Writer

Kai Weber


Writers are often the only person in a company who create and maintain documentation. Lone writers who operate without a dedicated budget or specific managerial guidance find it hard to excel in their work. In this presentation, Kai Weber will draw on his years of experience to show lone writers how to make the most of this "benign neglect":

  • Develop your skills—and your career
  • Raise your profile with management and colleagues
  • Contribute to a corporate communication strategy
  •  Help your company to turn documentation from a cost center into assets

Presenter Biography

Kai Weber is a senior technical writer for SimCorp in Frankfurt, Germany. He has been writing and editing software documentation since 1988. In more than seven years as a lone writer, he has designed and implemented single-sourcing documentation strategies for corporate software applications.

Kai gets a kick out of technical communications that make users excel and look good. He coaches and mentors technical authors. Find him on twitter @techwriterkai or on his blog,