Heuristic Evaluation: How to Report Results

Carol Barnum


Do you conduct heuristic evaluations or expert reviews? If so, what's your method? And how do you report results? If you write a report of some sort, are you satisfied with the results of your efforts? In other words, does the product get changed in the ways you recommend? If not, have you wondered (a) why you are doing heuristic evaluations and (b) whether your reports are the most effective way to get results?

Carol Barnum has been conducting heuristic evaluations for clients for many years, as well as teaching students how to conduct these reviews and write up the results. Slowly, over time she has questioned the "traditional" ways of doing these reviews and the traditional ways of reporting results. This webinar focuses on what we do and what we might do differently, with the aim being to get the results that equal the effort of this activity.

Presenter Biography

Carol Barnum is director of the Usability Center and director of the graduate programs in information design and communication at Southern Polytechnic. She is an STC Fellow and recipient of the Ken Rainey Award for Excellence in Research and the Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication. Her latest book isUsability Testing: Ready, Set, Test! (Morgan Kaufmann, 2011).