Successful Strategies for Improvement

Marta Rauch


Join highly rated STC Summit presenter Marta Rauch to learn proven strategies for continuous improvement to products and processes. Gain valuable tips, practical insights, and best practices for increasing customer satisfaction and raising your department’s value to the corporation. Whether you need to reduce time and costs, improve quality, or increase your team’s contribution to the bottom line, you’ll come away with effective strategies for implementing key improvements to your documentation projects.

Presenter Biography

Marta Rauch is a principal information developer and team lead at Oracle, where she applies effective strategies that continually improve her department’s deliverables. She has presented at the STC Summit, LavaCon, IEEE PCS, and Content Management Strategies/DITA, and has given several successful STC webinars. Her articles have appeared in STC’s Intercom and the Best Practices journal of the Center for Information-Development Management. With over 20 years of experience in technical communication, Marta has received 15 STC awards for individual and team projects at the local, national, and international level. An STC Senior Member and mentor for the Silicon Valley Chapter, she holds a teaching credential, a Certificate in Technical Writing from UC Extension, and a BA from Stanford University.