Introductory Markup and Scripting with HTML and CSS


Dr. Craig Baehr
Professor of Technical Communication, Texas Tech University, CPTC Chief Examiner


Online Courses

Introductory Markup and Scripting with HTML and CSS

4 June-9 July 2019 (Tuesdays) | 2:00 PM-3:30 PM EST (GMT-4)


This six session course will introduce participants to introductory markup and scripting with HTML and CSS.  The course will also introduce students to readings, resources, and tools available to help develop basic coding skills through practice.

Each session will feature a different topic (HTML Syntax, Working with Text Editors, Tables and Semantic Markup, Form Building, Integrating HTML and CSS, CSS Syntax, Working with Positional CSS) and will also challenge students with weekly practice assignments to help them develop their coding skills.  Students also will be encouraged to present their work in progress and receive constructive feedback from the instructor and their peers.

The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the wide range of skills, methods, and techniques used basic content markup and scripting for the Web.  The course is also designed to prepare students for more advanced or specialized study in other topics related to markup and scripting in Web development.


Learning objectives and takeaways

  • Describe the process of developing markup and scripting using text editors.
  • Understand the rules, syntax, and basic coding techniques of HTML and CSS.
  • Apply coding skills in the development of basic Web page content.
  • Identify key differences in the features, functions, and use of HTML and CSS.

Session Descriptions

  • What is HTML 5.0 and its features?
  • What are the basic rules and tag sets used?
  • What is the basic structure of an HTML document?
  • What are some commonly used text editors and their features?
  • How are tables used and created in HTML?
  • What is the purpose of semantic markup and what tag sets are used?
  • How are HTML forms used in developing Web content?
  • What tag sets are used and what are their functions?
  • How can forms be used for navigation and handling data from users?
  • What are the differences between markup and scripting?
  • How do HTML and CSS work together to create effective Web content?
  • What are the differences and capabilities between the two?
  • What is CSS and the three levels?
  • What are the basic rules and scripting elements used?
  • How are stylesheets used locally and globally in Web content?
  • What are the differences between the types of positional properties used?
  • What is the box model and how can CSS be used to develop page layouts?
  • What advanced style elements are available for use with CSS Level 3?

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