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For your outstanding service to the Rocky Mountain Chapter, your continued dedication mentoring technical communicators, and your exemplary contributions to the community through your professional and educational activities.


In a career spanning over two decades, Deborah Lockwood has been a tireless proponent of the technical communication field and a devoted mentor. Whether mentoring students or professionals, Deb consistently promotes the profession’s best practices while sharing information and collaborating on innovative communications solutions.

Over several years, Deb has served STC in many leadership positions, including chapter vice president, president, immediate past president, and treasurer, and helped with several initiatives, among them the STC Rocky Mountain Chapter’s (RMC) newsletter, website, and mentoring committee. Her articles have appeared in STC’s Intercom magazine and in the STC RMC’s online newsletter, Technicalities.

As a lead documentation writer at CSG Systems International, Inc., in Denver, CO, Deb helped to establish style and process standards. She constantly finds opportunities to lead other communicators by her example. Deb has presented at STC conferences on topics related to processes she helped to develop at CSGI.

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