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For your support and leadership of the Silicon Valley Chapter; always envisioning the bigger picture; transcending limits while exhibiting patience and stamina; and demonstrating your exceptional leadership skills to mentor, listen, encourage, and empower others.


DJ Cline writes about the origin and impact of emerging technology, business, and media. He is CEO of his own media services and technical innovations documentation company. As a technical writer/communicator, he has written hundreds of articles as well as paper-based and electronic technical documentation for a variety of successful information technology companies in Silicon Valley. He was a director of the Silicon Valley Engineering Council and is a futurist with the Bay Area Future Salon. He is best known for his publications for the Software Development Forum, covering everything from artificial intelligence to venture capital.

As well as being known as a content expert on technical innovations, trends, and forecasts, DJ’s warmth, enthusiasm, and good humor enable individuals with divergent opinions to communicate and find mutually agreeable solutions to problems. DJ is president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of STC, one of the oldest and largest chapters in the world. While serving as president of the Silicon Valley Chapter, he has spearheaded efforts for the chapter to regain its financial health, and has advanced and implemented a series of cost-savings and profit-making ideas. DJ is a leader and visionary whose efforts have attracted new STC members, introduced technological innovations to the chapter, and won for STC the designation of Engineering Professional Organization by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council, which conveys value on all technical communicators as well as the field.

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