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For outstanding contributions to the technical communication field, tireless service to STC at the chapter and Society level, and continued outreach to other technical organizations to demonstrate to them the value of effective communication.


Richard Mateosian holds a PhD in mathematics from UC–Berkeley. After 15 years as a software developer and 10 years as a technical marketer, he became a technical writer specializing in documentation for an audience of programmers. He is the author of Programming the Z8000 and Inside BASIC Games. Richard is a member of the IEEE Golden Core of long-term volunteers. Since 1987 he has written a bi-monthly column reviewing books and software for the readers of IEEE Micro. Richard is president of the STC Berkeley Chapter and co-director of the Touchstone technical communica­tion competition. He is a member of STC’s Community Affairs Committee (CAC). Richard lives in Berkeley with his wife, Christina, and his daughter, Esther Joi.

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