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For your contributions to improve professional communication instruction and research; your ability to mentor students as an advisor and friend; and your contributions to the body of knowledge for both technical communication and engineering communication.


Helen M. Grady has been active in the field of technical communication for over 30 years, as both a practitioner and educator. She began her career as an analytical chemist, then served as senior technical editor and publications manager at Northrop before joining the technical communication faculty of the Mercer University School of Engineering in 1991.

Helen has served as department chair, director of the MS in technical communication management, and associate professor. She is the founder and former director of the Center for Excellence in Engineering Education. She has excelled as a teacher, advisor, and mentor to student technical communicators and engineers. She has also been instrumental in incorporating technical communication into the engineering curriculum and has enriched her colleagues’ teaching by helping them adopt innovative teaching methods.

Her service to the profession includes two dozen papers and presentations at STC, the IEEE Professional Communication Society, and the American Society for Engineering Education. She is the coauthor of one of the Top 100 Technical Communication books 1991-2010 (STC’s Intercom) and has served as the advisor to the Mercer STC Student Chapter for many years. She chairs the IEEE Professional Communication Society’s Editorial Advisory Committee and serves on its Advisory Board.

Her commitment to excellence in teaching technical communication has been recognized by STC (Jay Gould award), Mercer University (2004 Vulcan Award for Teaching Excellence), the State of Georgia (Governor’s Teaching Fellow), and her students (STC Student Chapter Continuing Excellence in Teaching Award).

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