Jenna C. Moore – Associate Fellow

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For bold leadership and consistent and passionate promotion of the technical communication profession.


Jenna C. Moore began her career in 1993 as a part-time technical communicator while completing her BA in English at North Carolina State University (NCSU). She served as editor for the technical journal Connect, published by the NCSU Computing Center. Since then she has served in a wide variety of technical communication roles.

Jenna began telling STC’s powerful story at Per-Se Technologies. As the first trained technical communicator employed there, she had an excellent opportunity to improve the documentation, training, and processes. She championed the training offered by STC, particularly the very active local chapter, STC Carolina. This led to future writers being trained technical communicators and most being members of STC. It also led to the organization of the TriDoc 2005 Conference, a Pacesetter event, chaired by her manager, Steven Meeks.

Jenna stepped up to the leadership challenge when STC Carolina needed new members. Jenna moved STC Carolina into a stronger networking position, leveraging LinkedIn and Facebook groups among other things. STC Carolina is now one of the strongest networking communities in STC, partnering with other communities regularly for training opportunities.

Jenna joined the Certification Committee as they undertook the challenge to design and define the test needed to create the STC certification credential. Jenna’s passion for STC certification moved her to become an integral part of this committee, defining what a technical communicator must know and do to be a Certified Professional Technical Communicator.