Mark Lewis – Associate Fellow

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For your passionate contributions to the evolution of DITA and content management technologies, and for your generosity in sharing this with others without reservation within the Society and the profession.


Mark Lewis helps organizations prove the business case for moving to XML and intelligent content. He guides writers to design metrics that prove their content strategy is in alignment with corporate strategy.

Mark started the DITA Metrics community to promote the sharing of metrics, ROI, and case studies so that everyone can learn and grow. In his book DITA Metrics 101, Mark’s cost models give everyone a jump start in determining the savings possible with DITA. He is also a contributing author to DITA 101 Second Edition and a technical reviewer of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, both by the Rockley Group.

Mark is a content strategist, content engineer, and DITA educator who has helped companies in a variety of industries including finance, airline, and oil and gas.