Mark R. Barnett – Associate Fellow

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For service to STC as a local leader and the enthusiastic promotion of quality technical communication in the workplace.


Mark R. Barnett’s journey to become a technical communicator began in earnest during the mid-1970s when he was a programmer/analyst for Hewlett-Packard. After he tried and failed several times to switch from information technology to technical communication, he accepted a position in 1980 at Tektronix in product marketing. In 1983, while still in product marketing, he crafted his first technical manual and won his first award from STC’s Willamette Valley Chapter.

In 1984, he joined Tektronix’s Central Research Laboratory as a software engineer. While there, he prototyped an online help system and a voice recognition system. He then transferred to a product development group, again as a software engineer, and among other projects he implemented an online tutorial system. In 1990, he finally succeeded in becoming a full-time technical writer and has remained one ever since.

In the past 20 years, he has crafted more than 1,800 documents in over 100 new product development projects. He has worked with teams from the United States, India, and China. He has conducted and published original research on the effectiveness of digital libraries.

Mark is a member of the Willamette Valley Chapter. He earned a BA in psychology from Syracuse University, an MBA from the University of New Mexico, an MS in computer science from Colorado State University, and an MS in applied information design from the University of Oregon.