Tricia Spayer – Associate Fellow

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For your continuous promotion of the profession of technical communication, outstanding leadership and mentoring in the field, and engaging and effective presentations to audiences across disciplines.


Following in her father’s footsteps by studying electronics engineering, Tricia Spayer began her career as a technician and tech support specialist. After several years of repairing equipment, Tricia discovered that creating symptom/repair analyses and reports was more satisfying. She learned technical communication skills by understanding electronics and translating complex technical information into easily understood brochures, descriptions, and instructions.

Her managers at Pressco Technology Inc. have credited Tricia with transforming their dated technical publications processes into modern means of production and publication, providing clients with more understandable and useful documentation and help systems. Her managers also praise Tricia’s unique talent for creative as well as technical capabilities. Her work managing the corporate website and creating brochures, trade show posters, and sales presentations demonstrates her creative side.

Tricia first volunteered for the Northeast Ohio STC Chapter at her first meeting in 2000. Since then, she has held numerous leadership positions from president to bylaws chair, and still continues to support the Northeast Ohio STC Chapter. Her efforts earned her the Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2010, and helped the chapter win an STC Community of Excellence Award, as well as Distinguished Technical Communication in Public Relations from STC.

Tricia served as Director-at-Large on the STC Board of Directors, where she chaired the Community Affairs Committee. Her work with the committee organized three STC Summit Leadership Programs, provided numerous leadership webinars, created a multitude of leadership resources, and helped create a mutually beneficial communication path between STC’s staff, Board of Directors, and communities.